Documentation for Shiny app "SEN & Academisation"

This is a repost of the my blog post on the research project website. Table of Contents Introduction Topic 1: Primary dashboard Topic 2: Time series trends Topic 3: Breakdown by region Introduction Our shiny app has hit a prototype release milestone! As part of the research project we wish to build a visualisation tool to provide overview and insights into the trends and distributions of academisation and educational inclusion in England.

New theme for my blog

My old blog site was built using Jekyll which is the default site generator for Github Pages. I recently started building a blog for the current research project using Hugo and Blogdown, and Hugo seems really both fast and versatile to me. The ultimate drive for me to migrate to Hugo is that I had always wanted to build a site with my own hack of the legendary Gruvbox theme.

Q-Step: Data visualisation in R

Tutorial on data visualisation in R, using ggplot2, base R, and the Titanic dataset.

Key remapping in OSX and Linux: Capslock, Control/Escape, hjkl

Howto: map Capslock to Control as a modifier key, and as Escape when pressed alone; map left Control as something like a Fn key, so pressing Ctrl_L + hjkl produces arrow keys OSX Change Capslock to Control_L in Seil and use Karabiner to add the “single press to Escape” feature. Then swap Control_L and Control_R in Seil, and map Control_R as Fn. Then add Fn + hjkl as arrows.

blog init

Personal blog init. Screenshot: